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These Online Radio Streams are Music to My Ears

Radio: I love it.

And the Internet makes it even better since I’m not limited to just my local, over-the-air stations. They’re nice but sometimes we all want a bit of a change of pace. There’s a lot of great programming being created elsewhere in the world–sometimes regular AM and FM stations, sometimes web-only stations.

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Here are some of my favourite streams to listen to:

  • ABC Country. Australians love their country music and that’s what this station features 24-7. It plays some songs not heard on stations in Canada and the US so it’s great for music discovery and variety. I especially like “Saturday Night Country”–airing Saturday mornings here in North America–hosted by Felicity Urquhart.
  • Staying with country, San Diego has a classic country station on HD. KSON Legendary Country brings back memories for me because I heard a lot of 80s and early 90s country while growing up. The Moose 96.3 out of Alaska is good too, and mixes in a few more current tracks.
  • If NASA built a radio station, what do you think you’d get? Well, they did! The result is Third Rock Radio, a mix of alt rock with bits of space news.
  • 97.1 The Drive in Chicago is all about the music. Presentation is everything: it’s a very laid-back style that fits perfectly with the classic rock and the stories they share about it.
  • Storytelling is what Antioch Broadcasting Network OTR is all about. OTR stands for old time radio–drama, comedy, and mystery shows from the heyday of radio. I love listening to OTR as I go to sleep. (Tip: record them so you can go back to hear the ending if you fall asleep too soon!)
  • Rewound Radio gives what I think is an authentic feel of Top 40 radio in the 1960s. Lots of jingles and a deep playlist with special features sprinkled in through the week.

If none of these appeal to you, go exploring… and let me know what you find! There’s a gigantic selection of stations waiting to be heard by your ears.