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How to Install Updates for MacPorts Software

I run the MacPorts package management system to keep a few pieces of software up-to-date on my computers. The problem is the software doesn’t get updated frequently enough for me to remember the exact commands I need to use to get the latest versions.

There’s official documentation, so think of this as just a cheatsheet.

  1. Run sudo port selfupdate. This gets the latest version of MacPorts itself, but also updates the list of software versions.
    • If you get an error, try running XCode and accepting the licencing agreement if prompted.
  2. Run port outdated. I like to know what software will be upgraded.
  3. Run sudo port upgrade outdated. This actually downloads and compiles the latest versions so it might take a while.
  4. Occasionally run sudo port uninstall inactive to free up the space used by the old versions that have been archived.